Ready Mix Concrete


Since 1947, Harrison Construction Company has been providing quality ready mix concrete for all concrete applications to include commercial, residential, State, Federal and industrial applications. With over 70 concrete trucks and 13 ready mix concrete plants, we are one of the largest providers in East Tennessee.  At Harrison Concrete our pride is in our people who strive everyday to provide our customers with quality products and superior service that exceed your expectations.  Harrison Concrete has the resources to deliver to your job these products when and where you need them.

OUR SERVICE GOALS:  10983727_949905378400336_8054207754247987147_n“On Time” service is our constant goal.  We define being on time as arriving on the job site and ready to pour at the requested delivery time. Because unforeseen delays such as weather, traffic, etc. may occur, we will consider 15 minutes early or 10 minutes late as being on time. Once a pour has begun, we are committed to maintaining the service to that project until the ordered quantity has been met. Changes in delivery rates or yardage overages may affect service. As we value every order, last minute orders for concrete will be taken as the schedule allows for timely delivery.

To achieve these goals, we believe that partnering with you through the use of these guidelines will give us additional abilities to better receive, schedule and deliver your orders. Please take time to read through these guidelines. If you have any questions or if you need further information, please contact your sales representative or our Customer Service Center at 865-934-6500.

To make sure your order is completely accurate and filed properly, our Customer Service Representative will repeat the order back and give you a confirmation number. Please have that number available when inquiring about your order or if you need to make changes to your order. We encourage customers to place their order only through the Customer Service Center. Any orders received otherwise must be re-confirmed before delivery. Order requests during booked times will be directed to the Customer Service Manager who will do everything possible to work the order in acceptable time frame. When placing an order, please have the address, crossroad and detailed delivery instructions available.

Normal delivery hours are 7:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Deliveries with trucks returning to the concrete plant after 6:00 pm may be subject to overtime truck and plant charges. Twenty-four hour service is available upon request. Plant, truck and/or overtime charges will apply. Saturday deliveries will be available upon request. Overtime charges will apply unless the total cubic yards for your project is over 100 cubic yards. Special early or after-hour pour requests should be directed to our Customer Service Manager a minimum of 48 hours in advance of pour.

All Saturday work must be confirmed as “go” orders no later than 4:00 pm on Friday. “Special Saturday Opening Charges” for plant and truck time may apply. If weather or work demand causes Saturday closings, a cancellation fee may be charged for driver call-in demand.

To better schedule and give our customer the VERY BEST service available, we encourage our customers to place their orders 48 hours in advance and no later than the afternoon before the first round orders. First round orders are considered deliveries before 8:30 am. Cancellation or changes in orders should be made two hours in advance of the scheduled delivery time. Late order cancellations may result in additional charges. As the schedule for the next day is completed by 5:00 pm, please place your first round orders no later than 4:00 pm to assure proper scheduling and service for the next day.

In order to accurately schedule for truck demands and give better service, we need to know the MAXIMUM quantity needed to complete your pour. As always we realize there may be miscalculations or add-ons to any ongoing pour and our hope is to limit these types of callbacks to only one return trip. A Minimum Load Charge on any call-back order will be added if the last load delivered is less than a full load. A full load is determined by truck capacity. Unexpected callbacks exceeding the original ordered quantity may result in slower service. Hold time charges will apply to orders exceeding the allotted time of 10 minutes per cubic yard.

So that we can schedule more accurately and hold a spot on the schedule for your order, will-call orders are ALWAYS welcome. Please confirm a will-call order two hours in advance of delivery time. First round will-call orders (before 8:30 am) for the next day must be confirmed as “GO” orders by 4:00 pm the day before scheduled delivery. Non-confirmed orders will be deactivated until the customer can be reached, and the order can be rescheduled.

A Minimum Load Charge will be applied to orders that are less than six cubic yards. This also may apply if loads are split into less than a full truckload.