Once you have your concrete structure formed, please have the following information ready when calling for delivery*:

1. Name on account

2. Address

3. Estimated volume plus waste. Slabs: Add 10% waste  Footings: Add 20% waste. See Calculator

4. Type of concrete structure: Outside or inside (slick trowel / no air entrainment / broom finish: air entrained)

5. Any additives? (Fiber, retarder, accelerator, color?)

6. Are you pumping? If so, what size pump? Do you need a conveyor?

7. Contact and phone number on site of the person on site.

8. Method of payment (Have credit card or name on your account ready.)

9. How much time do you need between each truck delivery?

10. Do you need “on the go” service or “will call” service? (On the Go – Our truck will show up rain or shine. Will Call – Customer will call and release the order prior to deliver. Usually 2-3 hours prior.)

*Please call at least 48 hours prior to delivery.